Timing a Site Visit – Verona, Italia

Capturing Verona’s Teatro Romano Under the Dramatic Light of a Winter Sunset

By spending a few days in Verona, rather than doing just a day trip, it afforded me the flexibility to finally see the Teatro Romano outside of the city walls and at a very specific time of day. As the early clouds of the day burned off, a strong winter sun cast dramatic shadows inside the city walls. I knew I needed to take advantage of the opportunity to see, experience, and capture the dramatic setting of the Teatro Romano. It is carved into the hillside, overlooks the Adige River, and provides a grand panorama of the historic center.

The strong and direct sunlight warmed my face, provided a beautiful vista for my eyes, and filled my heart with emotion. By spending about 40 minutes inside the Teatro, I was able to experience the subtleties of the capturing the same vantage point under the changing sunlight. I did not want the sun to drop behind the city, but the dramatic shift in light and temperature engrained the experience in my memory.

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