Anniversary Invitations Ideas


Anniversary Invitations Ideas If you cannot run to the cost of this type of invitation there are several less expensive ideas, why not make use of a crystal ball shaped cards cutout and attach a number of, similarly shaped, greaseproof or maybe tracing paper over the top of your personal wording. As your guest lifting these layers it will seem like the mist lifting along with your invitation will become clearer after which clear.

Another, more untidy solution, but that's fantastic fun to do, is to include the invitation with a slim layer of wax that has to be scrapped away to disclose the invitation. As a a fraction of the time consuming alternative, you could use your pc to find a picture of a tarot card which you could print on thin card, cut close to then write your event invitation on the reverse part before sending them to be able to your guests. A nice gesture should be to include a short description on the card so that your guest continues to be calm!

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